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A second home for your sweetheart




Rate: € 10/day

Dimensions: 145x198x175

Number of tigers: 1



Rate: € 10/day

Dimensions: 110x198x220

Number of tigers: 1



Rate: € 12/day

Dimensions: 110x198x220

Number of tigers: 1

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Rate: € 25/day

Dimensions: 180x200x190

Number of tigers: 1-2


Rate: € 30 - 35/day

Dimensions: 230x200x190

Number of tigers: 1-3



Rate: € 28 - 32/day

Dimensions: 220x198x220

Number of tigers: 2-3


A clean and private space, warm and cozy in wintertime, cool and pleasant in summer, special self-made beds and cat trees, soft spots to have a superb nap, toys to play with, all the attention we can give ...We’ll really do our utmost to make your darling feel at home

In our small and cosy cathotel, every guest has its own private suite. All the suites are light, airy and spacious. A single suite has a surface of approx. 110 x 198 x 220. For those who would like some more space, we also have suites of approx. 180 x 200 x 190. These are ideal for families with 2 or 3 little tigers. However, you can also book the suite for 1 little one if she or he needs the space!

Our suites are just perfect for those who are used to living inside. We have enough toys and interesting things to do to keep your little ones occupied.

Every suite has a private cat tree, a neat but cozy iglo/bed for the afternoon nap, washable toys for the active moments and of course, we provide clean eating- and drinking bowls daily. Also a personal daily cleaned litter box with personal shovel, to prevent cross contamination, is at our guests’ disposal.  

Included in the rate: stay, fresh water, heating and general care. Our veterinarian has advised us to bring your own food for the whole stay.

Extra care (skin care, medecins,...): to be discussed.

Hygiene is an absolute must in our hotel.

Immaculate & Spotless” are THE words for keeping our standards high. 






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