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A second home for your sweetheart

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We only accept cats vaccinated conform to regulations

* "Core" vaccines

* Sneezing disease

* Leucosis (K.B.15-11-2010)

All vaccinations have to be administered 1 month before check-in at the latest. 

Adult cats should be vaccinated annually.

Kittens are welcome, but only if they have completed their full vaccination schedule. Your personal veterinarian will be glad to help you check the personal European Passport and vaccinations of your beloved one. 

Your cat should be free of parasites such as worms and fleas. De-worming: should be administered every three months, by drops in the neck, pasta or pills. Please be so kind to ask your veterinarian to mention the last de-worming date at the back of the  European Passport (product and date).

Make sure your house tiger has all vaccinations required and be aware that your house pet is in top shape when you arrive at the hotel! We take the liberty to refuse all animals that are not shipshape and lack vaccinations! This may sound harsh, but this rule gives you the reassurance that all the guests staying at our hotel are of no risk to the others.

The European Vaccination Passport remains in the hotel for the whole duration of the stay. Males should be neutered. If your sweetheart gets ill during its stay, then we will contact our vet immediately. The costs incurred will be charged to the owner and will have to be settled when picking up your house tiger. Your cat will be denied access if suffering from an infection or affected by a contagious disease.  

We are not in the capacity of accepting cats subject to the administering of insulin.


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