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Flying Frenzy®


For years, I have been looking on websites and in stores for nice toys. I was never quite satisfied, but then I heard something about Flying Frenzy® . I had been looking for this for years!

These toys consist of a durable pole with different feathers that you can attach. By moving the pole around, you will trigger your tiger to find its prey and catch it. To keep it interesting, there are lots of different 'preys' you can use! This behavior is essential for its healthy development, both physical and emotional.

The toys are beautifully made, durable and strong! At the moment, you can choose between flying birds, pigeons, turkey feathers, bugs, gnawers, etc. All depends of what we have in stock. You can in fact create your very own personal pole with everything your sweetheart loves!

We can also offer you nice smelling cushions, different furs (rabbit, reindeer, sheep) and funny spirals your tiger can play with! It would be my pleasure to introduce the FLYING FRENZY® toys to you. It may occur that your sweetheart gets bored during its holiday and this we want to avoid! It is good to offer them a nice toy once in a while, which is ideal for the vigilance, playfulness and instinct. Consider it as a nice personal touch during its stay in our De Luxe Cathotel.

You can choose which toy you would like for your sweetheart. The pricelist is available at the reception. And when your little tiger returns home, he or she has a new and interesting toy to play with! Check this movie and see how we are having fun!

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