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A second home for your sweetheart

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Chris De La Folie


Hi! My name is Chris and for about 20 years, with all my heart, I breed Persians in the colors Shaded Silver & Golden. With emphasis on LOVING, not on breeding. From that, it was an easy step to take to open my own deluxe cathotel as I was pretty sure my love for cats was great enough to embrace and cherish someone else’s darling cat. As I wish to be able to guarantee each client the personal attention needed, we went for a small sized hotel of no more than 5 suites. It’s our objective to offer a compact, cozy home free from stress where we can share love and attention with our special temporary guests. 

Every day we offer your house tigers several individual moments of cuddling, playing and grooming. And of course we follow the rhythm and attend to the wishes of our four-footed guests. 

To learn and understand more about the mystery CAT, I have taken several courses on behavior and illnesses and now, to complete my knowledge, I attend courses to become a Certified Cat Coach. I also dug into a vet-assistant course just to make sure I have enough feedback in time of troubles to react in an adequate way, if needed.

All that with only one purpose:

To give your pet the feeling of being at home in your absence!









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