Welcome to our new Cattery De La Folie website!

We are a small cattery situated near Brussels and specialized in Shaded Silver, Shaded Golden and Golden Point Persians.

Our aim is to breed healthy, strong, and kind kittens. Main features are the little nose, nice green eyes, and the sweet open face. Our cats live with us in every part of the house and are real members of the family. Our girls can wander around freely throughout the house as it pleases them.

We enjoy breeding, but only from time to time we have a litter, as we believe in quality instead of quantity! Our little "De La Folie" kittens are therefore welcomed like little princes and princesses into our home. It's always a joy seeing them grow, play, and observing the improvements they make each day during their young lifes...

I truly hope that the caring people who fall in love with my babies, have the same joy in having them around just as I do!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website !